Educational professionals 

Different concept of  Babysitter Agency

The Fun&Teach team knows that  the best way to learn is through the game.  Thus Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza offers activities adapted for children of all ages, for educational purposes.  

The distinguishing mark of Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza is: to enjoy the game and  to learn at the same time.

Learn playing


From Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza, we do that the younger children enjoy, play, learn and interact with other children at the same time. It is certainly an extra peace for the parents in caring for the kids.

For all ages

In Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza takes care of the childen and offers activities for all ages. A new and revolutionary concept of Babysitter Agency with activities, which are grouped according to the child's age.

Qualified staff

Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza is composed of a group of multilingual professionals in education and animation. This group is made up of teachers, infant educators, which have years of specialized experience.


Learning is the best way than any person has to develop as a whole person, and if this is accompanied by the fun, so much the better. Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza offers a great variety of activities for children of all ages. Among other activities, Fun&Teach provides: 


Workshops are a good way is to stimulate the different skills of the children and to boost the creativity. 


With handicraft, the children improve their skills, increase their concentration and encourage creativity. Fun&Teach uses different materials to make unique creations. 

Artistic expression

This discipline achieves to increase the community skills of the children. And it encourages a creative, reflective, critical thinking and favours attention.

Psychomotor Education

Psychomotor Education favours the knowledge and control of their body and improves their relationship with other kids and their environment.

Thematic events

With Thematic events, the kids develop the imagination and approach the knowledge in an active and fun way.


Scientific exploration boosts the kids natural curiosity,  encourages reasoning and logic, and improves their abilities to solve problems.


Game is a biological need, it is part of the all-round development. It develops motor, cognitive and social skills, improves self-esteem and promotes the values.


In addition to the benefits of physical activity, the sport helps children in their social relationships and instills in them values that they need for daily life, like friendship.