Thematic days


Thematic days develop the imagination and bring them to knowledge

With the thematic days of Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza, the children develop the imagination. Their practice bring the children to the knowledge, thanks to a better understanding the world by means of an active and fun way.

  • Interculturales days

The Fun&Teach Team thinks that the interculturales days are a good way to allow better knowledge of the world around us. These days are grouped by different cultural areas, as: spanish days, hindu days, latin days, maroccan days. 

  • Cultural days

Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza is close to the culture in general, through storyteller, and other activities. The children will know many animal and their features.

  • Exploration days

We will live emotions The pirate day, adventurous day, farmer's day

From Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibizathe younger children experience a large number of emotions, like those develop in the pirate day, in the aventurous day and in the agricultural day. 

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