Ibiza is a destination for multiple families, whether you are a resident or you come to know the island on vacation. You can combine your social life and working life or you want to find a place for yourself. Sometimes it is difficult if you are in charge of your younger children

Fun & Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza born from the parents' need to feel safe while their commitments do not allow them to dedicate their time to their children; to have the peace of mind that an education professional, with years of experience, is taking care of their child. The younger children enjoy and make the most of their free time through the game and learning without being aware of it.

Know us

For Fun&Teach, the main thing is the care and well-being of children. Our goal is for kids to play, experience, believe and learn. We achieve this by means of the different activities. We like to see children enjoy, there is nothing more rewarding for us that see a happy child.

Fun&Teach team

Francisca Moreno is chief of the team of Fun&Teach Babysitter Agency in Ibiza, she has a degree in childhood education. Among her main passions, she loves to take care of children, with wide professional experience in the concept of new school. 

Her laboral experience covers jobs in Argentina, Italy and Spain, she is installed 11 seasons in Ibiza and she has been volunteer in Africa on several occasions. 

In addition to all this, Francisca can communicate and teach in three languages, such as english, italian and spainsh